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Recently GFT had the opportunity to meet with Dimas and David Carrasco. Twin Brothers from Seville, who have dedicated their lives to football. A charismatic duo who have worked, lived and breathed football together their whole lives, and due to their experience and enthusiasm managed to make the encounter fly by. They have arrived together in Gibraltar to take the reigns at Europa FC as Manager and Assistant Manager. Here is what they had to say to us:


Carrasco’s: “We have lived in Córdoba, Madrid and the United States all as players. As football managers we have lived mainly in Seville and had a six month spell at Bristol City FC. We received an offer to come to Gibraltar about one month ago which at first scared us slightly, not knowing much about Gibraltar, but as soon as we met up with the relevant people we were reassured and a feeling of confidence took over.“


Carrasco’s: “We received a call from Juanjo Gallardo, Sporting director at Club Atletico Zabal in La Linea de la Concepcion, who told us that there was a club in Gibraltar who had heard about us and knows of our professionalism and wants to structure the club in this professional manor throughout. He set up a meeting with the Directors of Europa FC which we attended and found to be very positive in their directional views. We set our own conditions which the club are eagerly abiding by, and so we decided to shake hands and put pen to paper.”


Carrasco’s: “We spent our last stint as players at Tennessee Eagles, Knoxville, Tennessee, United States of America. Since then our main role has been as assistant managers and physical coaches at Sevilla Atletico. We have also, at times, helped as physical coaches at the Sevilla FC first team where we were very actively involved with Frederick Kanoute’s recuperation from an injury. During this period we were offered a grant by the Federacion Andalusa de Futbol, which saw us stay with Bristol City FC for a six month period, which we embraced as an adventure and an opportunity to learn the English language. After six months Bristol City FC were very happy with us and made us an offer to stay with them, we had to refuse as we couldn’t be offered a first team role due to the language barrier.”


Carrasco’s “We plan to carry the initiative of every game through keeping possession. Whether we play down the middle or wide on the flanks we will concentrate on remaining in the driving seat by means of possession. Defensively we will be very intense and remain aggressive. That is the plan, whether it works or not shall be seen, but if it doesn’t at first then it won’t be a problem, as correcting this is the reason for our arrival.”

fútbol carrasco europa fc gibraltar


Carrasco’s: “Firstly to completely professionalise the club in all aspects and make Europa FC the main club of reference for Gibraltar football where in the future we hope to attract international players, both Gibraltarian and from abroad. The club was slightly worried that as previous managers we would not pay enough attention to the junior football categories. We have reassured them that in our case this is our main focus rather than just a side job. If we can turn the four or five local players which we currently have into perhaps eleven or twelve in the next few years we will have taken a step forward, especially if those players are then selected for the Gibraltar National team.” When asked about the criticism the club had faced locally regarding for not breeding enough local talent, both agreed this was an issue they wanted to address. “Yes, we are aware and this is what we plan to change over the next few years.”


Carrasco’s “He’s a very good player who receives the ball well with his back to goal and always makes the best of that type of attacking football. However we plan to change the attacking style of this team to one which thrives more on possession and less on that direct manor of getting the ball forward. Therefore we have signed Pedro Carrion from Atletico Sanluqueño who we consider a more appropriate striker for our plans. Quicker and more involved with building up attacking play. Toncheff is a great striker but we are looking for other characteristics.”


Carrasco’s “We see him as a leader and father figure which will positively impact the dressing room. He has lined up against players of the likes of Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldinho, and his experience will vastly help the other players. He will pose the question to younger players, “If I can prepare appropriately and perform at age 35, then why wouldn’t you be able to do the same?” His character is also very dominant and he involves himself with preparations, which will no doubt make our lives easier.”


Carrasco’s: “We had prior knowledge of Gibraltar football obviously through the recent news of the last couple of years. However we had already made contact with Europa FC last year when promoting the signing of Juan Carlos Delgado, now a central defender at Europa FC. We also personally know the owner of Gibraltar Scorpions FC who is also from Seville. Most recently we have been following Lincoln FC’s exploits within the UEFA Champions League qualifying rounds.”


Carrasco’s: “We are avid supporters of any team which enlarges Gibraltar’s international recognition. We believe that this will raise the general level of football in Gibraltar, not to mention the benefit of an extra European spot which could come to Gibraltar as a reward.”

fútbol carrasco europa fc gibraltar


Carrasco’s: “Apart from our professional career as coaches and managers we run our own website which is dedicated to Andalucian Junior Football in a very general sense. It covers all age groups from under 7’s to pre senior categories. We organise tournaments and also run annual training camps at centres of excellence, giving the kids the chance to excel and be spotted. This way we manage to keep a close eye on those kids who carry positive inertia through their development. The main fruits of these efforts can be found at Sevilla Atletico where many of the young players who have developed with us are waiting to make the jump to the Sevilla FC first team.”


Carrasco’s: “The main reason we have come to Gibraltar is to develop the Junior Football categories of Europa FC. Of course we will also take charge of the senior team. Ideally we would want our first team players to carry the junior players upwards towards the first team and eventually Gibraltar’s national team. We must raise the professionalism of the club in all departments, leading eventually to a higher standard of football in Gibraltar as a whole.”

With this brought to a conclusion a delightful and pleasant evening where we are left with nothing but a sense of growth and ambition at Europa FC. Certainly it seems that they have chosen the correct personalities to take the helm. Experience beyond their years, overflowing with passion for the beautiful game and a sense of openness, recognising the current limitations of tiny Gibraltar and embracing these as their next chapter of challenges in a life driven by football.

fútbol carrasco europa fc gibraltar

Our best wishes go out to the Carrasco brothers and all at Europa FC. To follow more about the work the Carrasco’s do in Andalucia, visit their website: