Football Professional | Exclusive interview with manager Dimas Carrasco: ‘The Next Level’

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It is safe to say that Europa FC is having a vintage season so far. Currently unbeaten and at the top of the league, we caught up with highflying coach Dimas Carrasco to give us an insight into his introduction to the Gibraltar Premier Division and the challenges ahead.

EFC: Dimas, how have you found the first few months with the club? Do you think that the squad has had time to develop its own playing style?

DC: “The first months have been very intense. The professionality of the club staff in all aspects has made us work hard from the start. We have been involved in the recruitment of the squad and coaching staff, organising the Europa FC Academy, the player’s residence, training sessions….little by little it has all come together and now we are reaping the benefits of our hard work over the summer. The squad already knows what the coaches want from them on the pitch, but a unique playing style with eighteen new players in a few short months is a a big ask. The seeds have been sown and as the season progresses the team will take these ideas as their own and this will be reflected on the field of play.”

EFC: The squad is performing brilliantly. How does the team maintain this high level over the course of the season?

DC: “It is true that the players are doing very well. They have adapted to this league and have formed a great bond between them. Keeping this rhythm going will allow us to compete for trophies. Good training sessions and camaraderie in the squad will further strengthen our bid.”

EFC: You’ve played against a few local teams now, in general have you been impressed by the skill level in Gibraltar football? What can we do as a league to appear more competitive?

DC: “The competition has been very strong. Most teams have played us at a high level. Rivals have been sharp and organised. I am sure this will continue to grow in the coming years.”

EFC: You have had a chance to work with some of our young local players. Have you seen any youth team players that have impressed you and you would like to include them in the first squad in the future?

DC: “We have some outstanding players in our youth system which are already involved with the first squad. Ethan Santos and Luke Evans are two young players we have confidence in and will be getting playing time in the near future. There are others too.”

EFC: Our league has had the same champion, Lincoln Red Imps FC, for the past thirteen seasons. How does one deal with this and how does one go about trying to break their stranglehold on the title?

DC: “This is still a young project. We’ve only been with Europa FC three months and stopping the hegemony of a team that has won everything for so many years is not easy. We are tackling things match by match and trying to grow week by week.”

EFC: You arrived in our league along with your twin brother and assistant manager David and your younger brother Dario. What is a normal day like in the Carrasco household?

DC: “Football and more football! We spend our free time very involved with football. We watch and analyse matches and even play a bit with friends.”

EFC: Thanks for your time Dimas, and good luck in our next match.

DC: “Thank you, it’s been a pleasure.

By Lawrence Stagnetto