Fútbol Profesional | ¡Thanks so much!… Bristol City FC

fútbol carrasco city bristol

Four months ago, we decided to enjoy a new adventure in our lives in order to grow as football coaches. The idea was to learn English while discovering firsthand how football coaches train in England how a club is managed and what the duties and functions of the club staff are.

Before coming here, we had the option to choose from several clubs, but today, we can say to get this scholarship and more specifically with Bristol City FC has been a very positive decision. We are very happy about it.

Since our arrival in the city of Bristol, everything we’ve experienced has been positive things. From day one, we have been looked after very well and the facilities have been excellent. It´s for that and to thank everyone that we are writing this letter.

Gareth thanks for being a kind person. You are a wonderful manager who has been able at all times to give us a helping hand. You have given us the opportunity to participate in all activities of the club and have always had positive words for us. Always a smile, always a few words of encouragement, thanks. You will forever in us a partner and a friend. We will be eternally grateful to you.

Thanks to Brian Tinion, a legend in this club. He has wanted to help us enjoy this experience. He has made us part of everything.

Thanks to Carlos. We didn´t know us before but he has been very supportive. We have been linked to his staff, he has allowed us to enjoy the training sessions of his team and he has helped us with everything during our stay here. Of course, he is and will continue being a great friend and partner.

Thanks to the coaches, they always had time to talk to us, guess our English and be receptive to everything that we said to them.

Thanks to Susan and Sonia, our angels in the club. They have taken care of us as coaches and much more when we have needed them. Thank you, thank you very much, you are great.

We want to especially thank the work of Rose. It’s great. We could not find anyone better to improve our English. Professional, prepared and fun. Rose, we have no words to express all that you have taught us. Thank you.

We don´t know what the future holds. You never know. We are dreamers and we are ambitious. Perhaps in the future we will join you again and come back here to train Bristol City FC in the Premier League. Meanwhile, this wonderful club will have in the Carrasco brothers to two unconditional fans and friends.

Thank you for everything

Yours sincerely…. Dimas and David Carrasco.